SAND had been retreated into history.

GOLEM should resurrect in 1996 as ULTRASONIC SERAPHIM.
David Tibet and Steven Stapleton had blowed their breath into the supersonic angels.

Still in the seventies of the last century Ludwig Papenberg and Johannes Vester emigrated from the mythical landscapes of their first birth into the formerly most grotesque town of this planet and together with Ulrich Papenberg they woke up their fellow passenger GOLEM to life.                   

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The town they reached lied in a circle, which enclosed a nervous hustle and bustle. Mighty armies with monstrous weapons stood in camps around this town: an absurd mixture of tension and stillness ruled the inner circle. While the threatening forces in front of the gates remained motionless, in the city inflamed troops were tangled up in bizarre battles. Divisions were hunted down and fought each other, empty houses were taken, the smoke of hysterical anger wafted across the streets, glass and dreams broke, a screaming rolled through the city. Something wanted to expand, to explode, to shatter, to break. The circle didn't break - the bodies were breaking, the hearts, the senses, creative friction heat caught fire in explosive, narcissistic gestures. Emotion and hardship, collapsing existences and laconical self-irony, furious life-sarcasm, mighty tenderness - all these seeming contradictions were flowing into each other.

In this alchemistic pandemonium ALU was given birth.

Sounds like cool shimmering metal. Unstoppable, the voice of harsh technology began to articulate, it was a kind of permanent apocalypse tension. Johannes and Ludwig founded a "Fabrik für elektronische Musik" (Factory For Electronic Music) and called it "Der letzte Schrei!" (The Last Scream!). That was no isolated act. Everywhere in town smoke was rising from small and bigger creative campfires. The neomusical menus were celebrated in places of worship: SO 36, Music Hall, Risiko, Loft, KOB, Mitropa, in obscure shops, cafés, backyard studios. ALU was a constant experiment, permanently reinventing itself.